You’re so busy!

I must look really busy to the outside eye since just about every day someone tells me how busy I am.  Has “busy” become a badge of honor?

In some ways, sure, I have lots going on — a business to run, a family to raise, a side project here or there.  But its not nearly as crazy as it appears.  I use the power of a virtual team to get all kinds of things done — from answering the phones to preparing documents.  When you get down to it, the most important thing for me to do is to be there for my clients and my family. If I tried to do everything – document prep, client meetings, networking, writing, playing with the kids, fixing dinner,  all of that stuff, I would never sleep. Ever.  But I don’t do all of it myself.

You have so much on your plate

This is how it happens:

1. Ruby Receptionist.  These folks answer the phones, send me messages by text and email, let me update my status with a handy app, and generally make my life — and relationship with the phone — easier.
2. Legal Typist.  I love this service. Essentially, I can call in any dictation (documents) I have that need to be prepared.  I get them back in less than 24 hours and usually all I have to do is read, print, sign and mail.  They have helped me take 2 or 3 hours of document preparation on my side and turn it into 15 or 20 minutes of work. Wow!
3. Virtual Assistant.  I work with an outsourced virtual assistant on many things marketing related.  Gluten Free Globetrotter helps with newsletters, lists, flyers, handouts…. anything that needs to look pretty!  She also helps with one hundred other things as they come up.
4. Filing.  TEBS comes in to the office twice a week to take care of filing and copying.  What could be a towering stack of paper — or take me an hour or two is suddenly handled.
5. Websites and Technology.  TEBS also helps with all things website and technology related.  I have a little bit of knowledge.  Chris helps take the ideas and projects I start and make them available to people on the web.  He also takes care of those technology quirks that would take me an hour (or two!) to fix and handles them in about 10 minutes.
6. Bookkeeping.  Tracking the receipts is not my favorite thing to do.  My accountant takes care of my bookkeeping. I write the checks, earn the money and all of that.  She helps with entering in everything, profit and loss statements and a slew of other financial tasks that are not my strong suit.
7. Around the house.  Like many modern families, the hubs and I both cook, both do laundry and are both known to take the garbage out.  We both take on child care responsibilities.  We both vacuum and dust.  And, we have a nice lady come in twice a month to do the heavy lifting.  In my mind, its worth it.  She takes care of it while I am working with clients, leaving my weekends and nights free for more facetime with the kids.  AND I don’t worry about the little one getting into the chemicals while I clean. Its a win win.



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