You Need a Lawyer. How Do You Find The Right One?

There are many ways to look for an attorney.  There’s a billboard around every corner, and there is definitely one or two advertising on the side of a bus.  You can plug a search term in to Google.  You can look in the paper and see who gave the most recent quote.  Or you can consider some of the following:

1. Ask a Friend

Check with friends and family members to see if they know any attorneys personally that they would recommend.  Find out if any of your friends have worked with an attorney in the past and have been particularly pleased with the lawyer.  Find out if they didn’t like certain lawyers also.

2. Research Associations

If you know what kind of lawyer you are looking for, look for the attorney professional associations that cater to that type of law.  Then, see who is active in the association.  Chances are, they know what they are talking about when it comes to solving your problem.

3. Don’t just make one phone call
You probably want to call more than one attorney.  Different attorneys have different styles.  Some are very formal, some are more casual.  Some have a secretary and a paralegal you have to talk to before you reach the attorney.  Other lawyers will give you their direct line.  Think about what kind of relationship you want with your lawyer, and then use that information when selecting your legal counsel.

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