Why The Pink Hair Extension?

pink hairA few of you have spotted the pink hair extension that I had added on Friday night at the annual IWIN Pink Pajama Party.

IWIN is a foundation that is dedicated to supporting breast cancer patients by providing them $500 grants for basic services while in treatment – so meals, laundry, cleaning, transportation.  Money that makes the stark realities of treatment a little easier.

For those of you who don’t know, I am a double legacy of this disease.  My father’s mother died of it 30 years ago this summer.  My father’s sister, as well as at least one cousin on my father’s side have been diagnosed.  If that wasn’t enough, my mother was diagnosed and went through treatment in 2007.

I know how hard it is to fight this disease, both as a patient and as a caregiver.  Anything I can do to raise awareness, even if it just a pink hair extension, is worth it.


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