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A few weeks ago, a client called me in a panic.  Her credit card processor had just sent notice that it would be holding more than $2,000 in received payments.  First, the processor wanted the business to submit verification of the costs.  After that though, the processor told my client it could be up to three weeks before my client received the funds.steps

That was a problem.  My client needed the funds to deliver the services promised to the businesses who had already paid.  She was stuck and she asked me for help.

In a short amount of time I listened to her story, and then wrote a short letter to the processor explaining that they needed to release the funds in the timeframe stated in their agreement with my client – in other words, that they had no reason in the contract to hold the funds for three weeks.

The next day, the funds were in my client’s bank account.

This is exactly the type of scenario that is covered by the $99 membership.  Short term, immediate services that need resolution now, not next week while you consider whether or not the hourly rate of an attorney is worth the expense.

The $99 a month plan has a built in 15 minute consultation that can be used for whatever you want – discussion of an urgent issue, planning for something in the future or something in between.  The plan also includes phone calls or letters on your behalf, like described above.

Some key benefits to the monthly plans:

  1. When the unexpected letter or the phone call comes in, you know who to call to sort through the issue
  2. Ongoing consultations are included, so you may mention a problem when it begins and someone will be with you the whole way through.
  3. Letters or phone calls can be sent on your behalf when needed to quickly resolve problems
  4. I keep track of your annual filings and other details so you are always legally in business
  5. You have less to worry about, and fewer decisions that are on your plate.

If you could use a letter or phone call on your behalf on a regular basis, a professional to call for help when you need it, and the security that comes from having someone else that is looking out for you, click here for the $99 membership option.

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