What’s with all the changes?

I’ve posted a new project or three in the last month.  I’ve changed descriptions for myself on Linked In and Twitter.  What in the world is going on with Kathy?

A few things!  At the beginning of the year, I spent quite a bit of time reviewing 2013 — what was good, what was bad, what went wrong, what went right, what I really liked doing, what I could skip if I had my druthers… and what had I stopped doing because I was busy doing other things?  I also took some time to really look at my priorities. Who and what are most important to me?

Why am I doing all of the changes I describe below?  Very simply, I realized that I wanted certain things in my life:  I want to eat breakfast and dinner with the boys, almost every night.  I want to work with business owners and professionals and help them change their lives.  I want to talk through problems and solve them.  I want to help create solutions that make a difference.

So what did I do?

KJD Legal

Some changes I made right away.  I streamlined certain things.  I added more outsourced support (like Ruby Receptionist and Legal Typist — both of which I highly recommend).

Other changes I started to implement more slowly, but you may have noticed recently:  a rewrite of KJD Legal.com, a renewed focus on business matters only, dropping litigation of any kind, divorce, real estate, and personal injury from my areas of practice.

I also launched new packages — some are a revival of the memberships I had in 2013 — a fixed monthly rate for a certain amount of legal services.  

And the new stuff:

1. Stop By the Legal Department – A Q&A website for legal questions.  Check it out at stopbythelegaldepartment.com.  This site is an affordable option for business owners who have questions.

2. Desk Dynamics — What if the secrets to being more successful at work and home were sitting on your desk?  What if I could show you strategies to make more money and have more balance in your life in a 45 minute telephone consultation?  Interested?  A free report on the different types of Desk Divas is available at kathycatlindavis.com. 

Desk Dynamics encompasses my experience and skills as a manager, an attorney, a mom and a writer.  I pull my skills together to help you create a strategy for more success.

3. 45 Day Business Jumpstart — This package is an all-in-one program for the professional that wants to start their own business.  The jumpstart includes the legalities, the management, the start on the marketing and mentoring you through it all, all for one price.

Interested in the new stuff?  Want to find out more?  Just ask and check out the new sites!

~ Kathy

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