What’s in a Brand?

Branding is a big buzzword these days.  Your brand includes everything from your message, to the colors you consistently use, to the fonts and shapes and symbols on your website.  But particularly in small and solopreneur businesses, your brand includes you.

And personal branding isn’t just a concept for business owners.  The same principles of creating and maintaining a stable, predictable, yet noteworthy presence are important for managers and directors and those who want to rise in their organizations in the corporate world.

Creating content consistently is a big part of many brands – whether it is routine blog posts or writing an actual book, your content gives others a key to what you are about, what you can help them with, and how you are to work with — all important pieces when you are the client, considering hiring some help on a project.

Sounds great doesn’t it?  But many of us get stuck in the creation process.  We know we should write a book.  Or we even know that we want to write a book.  We want to be able to tell the world about this accomplishment.  And we want to be able to show it off.  And we want to be able to use this book as a tool to market ourselves and our businesses.

But what to write? and when? and how to get all done and together?

Many of you know that I have written over a dozen books, and that I have helped several authors bring their dreams of book writing to fruition.  I have helped authors protect their finished works in the trademark and copyright world.  And I have given advice on protecting yourself and other parties when writing a true-to-life memoir.





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