What are you going to do if someone steals your ideas?

A few weeks ago, I filed a trademark application on behalf of a client.  They have been in business a little over a year, and have seen phenomenal growth.  They use their name for everything — from the name of their business, to their website url, to the name of their Facebook group, to the name of their signature product.

So, as I said, I filed the application for them.

Last week, they did a random search and found out another company filed an application for the same name, 6 days after they did.


Six Days.

If first in time is first in right, then they  win the race.  I’m sure we have more to do with the USPTO… but seriously people, 6 days is what is giving them real legal power.

Some of you are on the fence about trademarking something.  Some of you are on the fence about spending the money on the legal guts of your business.

There will be no glory if you have no guts.

Being in business means busting your ass to do what you love. It means putting yourself out there, believing in your work and hustling like no one else. So why would you do all that and not cover your assets?

Yes, contracts and legal speak are boring.
Yes, terms and conditions are not sexy.
I completely agree that copyright language is a snoozefest for most people.

But frankly, what are you going to do if someone steals your ideas? Breaks a contract? Doesn’t pay you?

Introducing IP3, designed to help you:

• protect your content, on and off line
• protect yourself and your business
• defend yourself from attacks on your character on and offline
• create a process for working with new clients that will protect your bottom line
• have the confidence that comes from knowing you have solid back up in your corner

What else is included?

* Access to four original audios:Computer
Posting content with confidence
How to build your list without sending spam
Protecting your ideas (trademarks, copyrights and more!)
Using legal structures to protect yourself (contracts & business structure)

* Totally Trademarks, the 3 video course that teaches you how to file your own trademark application


I know… it’s a fantastic deal!

I am passionate about the work I do supporting women entrepreneurs.  I am passionate about creating dreams into reality.  I am passionate about creativity and freedom and doing what you love.  And I am passionate about being proactive in life — doing the right things on the front end, so you aren’t blindsided on the back end.

IP3 is available now for only $1,497.

What does the delivery timeframe look like?

We will work together to develop your custom agreements. This may take up to four weeks to complete. I will contact you within one business day of receiving your payment to ask more questions about your business, your products and services, and what you are specifically trying to create and protect.


Ready to grow? 

Let’s work together to create your dreams into reality.

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