Welcome to the Weekend!

When you own your business, the weekend takes on a whole new meaning.  No longer is a weekend two days off to relax and get away from it all.  More often, a weekend is a chance to catch up on work that was undone during the week, organize files, supplies or tasks, or network with potential clients.

But what if you took a break this weekend instead?  Letting our brains focus on something different allows ideas to percolate, and also gives us a chance to see a bigger picture than the task in front of us.

Here are some ideas:

1. Declare a “technology free” time period.  Decide not to check your email, answer work calls or otherwise work for a 12 to 24 hour period.  Notice that many other people do the same thing — and so you probably won’t miss much by waiting until Sunday night to answer your email.

2. Tackle a personal project.  Whether it is painting a room, cleaning the garage or working on your latest hobby project, taking some time to do something that uses other parts of our brains not only refreshes you for the week ahead, but also gives your brain a chance to process all of the information you have thrown at it.

3. Organize.  I have a very structured personality in some ways, and I have to admit that this tip helps me tremendously.  If you take a few hours on the weekend to do the laundry and put it away, you can find everyone’s socks when you are scrambling to get out the door on Tuesday.  Same thing goes for grocery shopping for essential and pre-making or at least pre-considering dinner ideas.  Making sure there is enough milk in the fridge and some dinner ingredients on hand will make the 5:30 “what’s for dinner” question much easier and won’t involve a time-consuming midweek trip to the store at the end of the day.

4. Read.  Whether you read fiction, nonfiction, magazines, newspapers, websites or all of them, take a little time to consider the ideas of others and see how a nugget or two might help you.

5. Rest and relax.  Television, a movie, a book and a fire — whatever your idea of true relaxation is, try to fit in a little bit of time where you don’t have to do much for anyone else and you can really just relax.

Remember, Monday is just around the corner.

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