We All Fall Down. The Test Is Whether We Get Back Up.

Saturday morning, I was still at the Pink Pajama party when my phone rang.  It was my husband, calling to alert me that our youngest had fallen head-first into the window sill.  They were heading to IU West to get the cut looked at. stitches

Three stitches later, back at home, he spent much of the morning laying low and cuddling on the couch – demanding his favorite Paw Patrol on the television, as well as SNACKS.  He finally settled down for a nap, when we snapped this picture.

After nap though, downtime was all over.  It was like the stitches hadn’t happened.  He was back to climbing and jumping and fighting and hitting and seeing what all he could do to be busy and active.

It’s a good reminder for life and business.  We may have a day were we fall down.  We may have a day where it seems like our business is falling apart and we’re using bandaids to put it all back together.  But take a break.  Take a nap.  Get a good night’s sleep.  And the next morning, get up.  Put your feet on the floor and get going.  Start doing what you did to be successful in the first place.  Remember how you got hurt and avoid it.  And keep going!




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