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Trademark Services and Pricing


Basic Search        —  $75.00

Only the USPTO database.  Included in the trademark application pricing.

Comprehensive Search — $250.00

 Includes the USPTO database, state business names, social media and google searches.

Application and Fees

Trademark Application Preparation — $225.00

     Includes basic USPTO database search, review of application information, advice regarding class for filing, preparation and filing of application. Client will receive an electronic copy of the application once filed. Client to approve class prior to filing.

Filing Fee per class — $225- $275 per class

Client to approve class prior to filing.


Simple Response – $100.00

Amendment of the description of services or responding to other simple questions or inquiries.

Moderate Response – $300.00

Responding to arguments regarding ornamentation, anything requiring research on client’s business, providing additional specimens of use.

Complex Response — $600.00

Preparing arguments against a disclaimer, a request to move to the Supplemental Registry, acquired distinctiveness, refusals based on descriptiveness, genericness, mistake, likelihood of confusion with another mark and other substantive objections.

Answer to Opposition – $300.00

note the matter will revert to an hourly structure if trademark litigation is required

Statement of Use — $200.00

Includes the $100 filing fee and preparation and filing of statement of use.  Client to provide examples of use to attorney within the specified deadlines.

Priority Processing — $200.00

24 hour turnaround guaranteed.


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