Time to Set Your Goals!

Happy New Year!  I love the start of a new year — a fresh slate, new goals, a year full of possibility.  Someone commented to me recently that I seem to be one of the few people they know that actually accomplishes the goals they set up for themselves. I’m happy to share my secrets with you!

  1. Set up your goals.Seems easy right.  But you can’t accomplish anything if you don’t know where you’re going.  I usually take a piece of paper and write the major areas of my life:  Business, Health, Family, Travel, Personal Development, etc. and then write out what I want to see happen in those areas in the coming year.
  2. Break them down into objectives and tasks.  Let’s use a marketing goal as an example.  Say I wanted to have an email list of 10,000 subscribers by the end of 2018.  I would figure out how many people I already had on my list and how many new people I needed to add each month to get there.  (Creating monthly goals).  Then I would list out the things I need to do to attract new subscribers — like run ads, offer free content, ask people to join.
  3. Schedule your tasks.Pick a day each week or each month when you will follow through on the tasks related to your goals.  Using the example above, I could plan one day to schedule the social media ads for the month and to write new free content.
  4. Follow through.It seems easy, right!  But you have to actually take action on the plan to see the results.
  5. Review your goals regularly.Allegedly people who write down their goals have a greater chance of actually accomplishing them.  And people who write down and review their goals regularly, are even more likely to meet their goals.  I do these two things:

Write my goals for the year on three index cards.  One card goes on the visor in my car, one card goes in the front page of my journal or planner and the last one goes on the bulletin board in my office.

Write down my goals daily.  I may not write them all down each morning, but I write out the major ones I’m working on.  I also set daily intentions to take action — even if it is something small — on the major goals I am working on.

In some ways, achieving my  goals doesn’t take much more time than not setting goals at all because all I am doing is focusing the actions I take on the end result I want to see.

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