The Super Sweet Black Friday Trademark Special is back!  


Black Friday 2018 is over!  But there are still specials going on for Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday.  Check them out here:


Less than $400 for any trademark application.*

Trademarks provide a strong legal foundation for your intellectual property rights.  They protect you and your business from others infringing on your ideas. If there is a dispute over the rights to a mark or slogan, a trademark puts you in a stronger legal position.

Investing a trademark now can save you thousands of dollars in the long run — and a whole lot of emotional energy and time.

Ready to feel secure and safe, knowing your business is protected?

$399 for the Legal fees + the filing fee or secure the deal with the $174 legal fee and pay the filing fee at your convenience:

Questions? Contact Kathy at



Subject to an attorney-client conflict check as required by the Professional Ethics Rules

This only includes the application itself.  It does not include any TTAB work, additional filings or filing fees.

  • Single-Class, Filed pursuant to 1 (a), in use presently

A search will be completed prior to filing.  If the attorney believes your mark will not be successful, you will be consulted and given the option of utilizing the special for another mark, or having all but a nominal search fee refunded.

Must be utilized within six months of purchase.

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