The Muddy Line

It’s snowing again today. It’s 27 degrees on March 25th in Indiana of all places. Snow

Tomorrow I’m leaving on a jet plane and headed to Las Vegas Nevada for a three day conference for women entrepreneurs. I signed up for this conference way back in December when the idea of a three day conference in a very sunny and warm place was definitely appealing. After the longest winter in my memory, I am more than looking forward to leaving on a jet plane and heading to Las Vegas.

I have to admit, though, that the lyrics from Sheryl Crow’s song Leaving Las Vegas have been going through my head.  Only I have recreated it as Leaving for Vegas… and I’m not comin’ back… I’m leaving for good.  I checked the lyrics online to see if I was even somewhat close to the actual lyrics.  Let’s just say my memory of songs from my college days is good, but I still had bits and pieces of the song stuck together in a way it did not go in the original.

Reading the lyrics was also interesting, because of this line in the last verse: Such a muddy line between / The things you want / And the things you have to do. Entrepreneurs, business owners –okay, all of us grown ups — know that there can sometimes be a huge line between the things we want and the things we have to do. But wouldn’t it be great if we could figure out a way to structure a businesses and our lives so that there is no line? So that the things we want and the things we have to do our the same things?

As I’m leaving for Vegas for a conference that is focused on teaching heart-centered women entrepreneurs on how to align our lives and our businesses, I’m excited! I hope I come back filled with ideas and knowledge that I can share with all of you, my clients and my friends, in how we choose can erase that muddy line and create our lives to be both what we want and what we have to do.


(c) Kathy Catlin Davis

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