The Art of Asking for Help

One of our great BNI leaders  said something at our leadership training that really struck me – he said “if you know what kind of referrals you really want, you have to ask for them.”

That makes total sense.  And yet, I’m pretty sure I spend more time talking about what I do, then how I need help and who I want to work with.

So here’s the key: If you want something, ask for it.

One of my favorite clients is a small civil engineering firm based in Indianapolis (where I am still licensed).  We have a monthly agreement where they pay a set amount each month, and I provide legal services for them – anything and everything from writing demand letters, to writing or reviewing contracts, to filing their trademarks.  We have telephone conferences anytime an issue comes up – from a contract dispute, to an employee issue.  I’ve even followed up on a bond issue for them that resulted in more than $45,000 in their pocket – something that just needed attention, that was getting pushed to the bottom of the stack, or the back of the desk.

I would love to find 3 – 5 more clients like this one, who need regular ongoing legal services and would appreciate fast and personal service.

If you know of anyone that may fit the bill, I would love a personal introduction.

Thank you in advance.

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