Success, Failure and the Power of Forgiveness

Have you ever failed at something?  Entrepreneurs and high achieving professionals have a hard time with failure — because, after all, you got where you are now by having a goal, figuring out how to achieve, taking the steps and then, as Nike says, Just Doing It.

But what happens when you do it — and your goal doesn’t materialize.  Do you rationalize it?  Assume you didn’t want it or don’t need it anyways?  Sit in a corner and cry?

The themes of failure and forgiveness popped up for me a lot in the last week — whether it was the sermon at church on Easter Sunday, or an article posted by Entrepreneur magazine on Facebook, the Universe was sending a message.

A summary of the points:


1. Failure happens.  We all fail sometimes — whether it’s on hitting a weight loss goal or meeting an income number, we all fall down sometimes.  The important part is to stand back up, figure out where you went wrong, and try again.

2. Forgiveness is important.  We need to forgive ourselves for our own failures.  We can be our own biggest cheerleader, or our own worst enemy.  Forgive yourself when things don’t work the way you planned.    If someone or something else was a part of your failure, forgive them while you’re at it.  “But Kathy,” I heard someone tell me recently. “They really hurt me, intentionally!”  I know — but forgiving other people when they hurt you is not as much about them as it is about you.  Think about how much energy you are spending carrying around that hurt and anger.  You will do your self a favor if you let it go.

3. Sunshine makes everything better.  Okay, that wasn’t in anything I read or heard this week.  But it is true!  When things aren’t going right, quit banging your head on the computer screen.  Get up, walk away from your desk and take a walk outside.  Come back in 15 minutes — recharged, and probably with a brand new idea on how to tackle the problem.

Have a great week!


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