Perfection Not Required

A few weeks ago, I sent an email to my list.  One of my entrepreneur friends liked it and asked to repost it to her list.  I said yes.  She then asked for a few reasonable things to go with it — a head shot, a short bio.  No problem, right?

Kathy Catlin Davis, 2013

Wrong.  My last headshot is almost two years old and I have really short hair in it — I know I have much longer hair. And the ones before that, with longer hair, are 3 and four years old, respectively.  I couldn’t send those.  I needed new headshots.

And the bio. Wow.  I haven’t done any significant speaking or writing in over a year.  My old bios don’t really seem to fit anymore.  When I am I going to have time to write this?

So I let the request sit in my email inbox for three weeks.  And every time I was in there, I would think – oh yes, I need to take care of that.  I need to find the old photo or schedule a new shoot and I need to write the bio.  And I would close the inbox and move on with my day.  For three weeks.  How much time and energy did I actually spend on procrastinating because I wanted my response to be perfect?

In the end, I took ten minutes, found the old head shot and rewrote a short bio.  Was it perfect? Probably not.  Can people make fun of me for using an ancient headshot — absolutely.  But it’s done.  My message is being shared with a wider audience.

It’s not about the head shot.  It’s about the message. Did I really want to let a quest for perfection stop me from sharing my message?

One of my first business coaches always said “done is better than perfect.”  Perfection is not required.

What are you going to share today, even though it might not be perfect?

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