Overcoming Big Challenges

Our 2 year old tried out a new slide this weekend.  He scampered to the top, sat down and pushed off.  Two-thirds of the way down, the rubber on his shoe caught on the edge of the slide — and he went head over heels to the ground.  He landed on his back, covered in mulch.20140309_103150

I picked him up, verified nothing was broken, gave him a big hug and sent him back on his way.

He avoided the slide.  He checked out the bouncy seats, the climbing bug and the swings.  And then he circled back.  This time, though, he tried the little slide first.  After successfully making his way to the bottom, he ran straight to the monster slide – a big, tall, twisty one.

20140309_103156His first trip down the slide he inched his way along, holding on to the sides, stopping himself with his feet — all the way down until he made it safely to the bottom.  Back on the ground, he ran as fast as he could back to the top of the slide.  This time though, he let go.  Again and again, he slid down the slide, having as much fun as any two year old can.

It occurred to me, watching him, that this has a lot of parallels with grown up life — whether it be our businesses or our personal life.  How often do we metaphorically fall off the slide?  Do we get back up and try something new?  Or do we sit at the bottom and blame the slide, our shoes and the sky for the fact that we fell?  How fast do we try again?

The stakes are higher now.  The risks are scarier.  But  do we want to lose the ability to shake it off and try again?



One of my favorite pins on Pinterest says “If not now, then when?” Get up and keep going, after all — what do you have to lose?


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