The other dadmin-ajaxay I stopped for lunch at a fast food place.  The staff was very outgoing and friendly from the moment I walked in the door.  I had about an hour between meetings, and so I sat at my table after I was done eating, checking my messages and reviewing what I had already done and what I needed to do next.

I looked up from my seat and I saw this:  a glass panel etched with principles, like “Work Hard,” and “Study,” “Dream,” and “Success.”  The panel was set up not so that the customers could easily see and read the principles from the dining area, but so the employees could see and read the principles from the counter.

Sounds like a good concept, right?

But on the other side of the glass, the soda machine had been set up — blocking at least 75% of the motivational glass.  As a business person, former employee, and former manager, I had to wonder what message this was sending to the employees.

I’m leaning towards “profits are most important” but I am open to other ideas.


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