Mining for Gold

I listened to the beginning of an audio book the other day that had a great story in it.  I’m going to retell it because I think it is such a great story — but I take no credit for either hearing it originally or making it up myself.

A man is out on his property one day, digging in his field, when he finds gold — real gold.  After poking around a little bit he realizes there is far more gold just under the surface.Gold granulate is seen at a plant of gold refiner and bar manufacturer Valcambi SA in the southern Swiss town of Balerna

The man covers the gold back up with the loose dirt and races away.  He takes out a loan to buy equipment and begins to dig.  At first, everything is going great.  The gold just seems to be flowing out of the earth.  But then the seam stopped.

The man kept digging, but eventually he gave up.  He sold his equipment and his land to a willing buyer for enough to cover his debts and he walked away.

The second man hired a geological engineer to do a study of the property and the area.  A few weeks later, the second man begins the mining operation again with the equipment he bought at a far reduced rate from the first man.  Within hours, he had hit gold.  The man operated a gold mine from the property for years.

Later, someone commented on his luck.  He calmly explained that the engineer was able to establish the width, depth and path of the seam and that he had used that information to guide his operations.  He then noted, with a trace of irony, that the first man had stopped less than three feet from picking up the gold seam again.

It wasn’t luck, he said.  I just knew when to call in the experts.


Think about it:

Are you going to stop three feet from victory because you just can’t see it in front of you?  Or are you going to ask some one to help you see the way more clearly?


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original was described in Chapter 1 of Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

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