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Intellectual Property

Trademark Applications 

Afraid someone is going to steal your program name? Have already experienced the gut wrenching frustration when someone “borrows” your work?Trademarks provide a strong legal foundation for your intellectual property rights.Trademarks protect you and your business from others infringing on your ideas. If there is a dispute over the rights to a mark or slogan, a trademark puts you in a stronger legal position.Protecting your ideas at this level signifies to others that you are serious about your business.Being protected in this way gives you more confidence. You feel secure and safe, knowing your ideas are protected. Additional fees may apply during the course of the registration process. The client is responsible for providing all required information for the filing of the application within 30 days of purchase or additional fees may apply.

Copyright Application 

A copyright protects art, the written word, music and software. If you sell art online, e-books, or specialized content, copyrighting your work is an important step in protecting yourself from plagiarism.

Licensing Package 

Licensing is another way to expand your business and create more revenue. In licensing, you teach someone your business model, and share your specialized product or service model, in exchange for a fee or a percentage of their income. An agreement is needed to outline responsibilities and ownership of ideas. As part of a licensing package, you will also want to trademark your intellectual property.

Legal Consultation 

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