How do you know if it is time to consider keeping a lawyer on retainer?

You know how it is.  You start your business.  You’re keeping track of expenses and watching your cash flow.  And then you start to grow. You add employees.  You have new – and bigger – opportunities.  And its fantastic.

But there’s this little pile in the corner of your office.  It has everything you don’t want to deal with — the regulatory issues, the contracts that need new language, the unpaid invoices you need to send a collection letter on.

You are good at what you do.  And you’ve realized you need to hire employees to help with other things — say payroll or accounts payable.  But legal just sound like something expensive.

Having a lawyer you trust available to help out with the pile – at a cost you can afford and plan for — is key, not only in protecting you and your business now, but also to plan for the future.

What do you need help with?  What’s gathering dust in the corner of your office?



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