How About That Storm?

Savannah spent much of last week under Hurricane watch.  Almost everything shut down, including the schools and the courts, in order to allow people to evacuate for the “monster” hurricane.  Thankfully, it blew out to sea, leaving us with high winds and rain — but overall very little damage. We had intermittent power outages, but other than that it was almost a non-event.

People who don’t live in our area have asked things like ‘how was the storm?”  And have stated “I don’t know how you do it.”  The answer is short — you face a storm, the way you face any other storm in life — one step at a time.

The week before the storm, I filed my first ever personal protective order.  Someone I knew through my professional life had been threatening and harassing me, to the point that I was — and am — actually afraid of this person.  Even with the protective order in place, they have continued to take steps that are just outside of what isn’t allowed. I am not amused.

I heard a friend speak over the summer about a devastating personal experience she had.  One line that stuck with me was, “and then we went home and we went to bed.  The next morning, the alarm went off, and we had a decision — were we going to get up?  But I got up.  And I made the bed.  Because that is what I do.  It may have been the only thing I did that day, but I did it.  And each day after that, I kept getting up.  And I kept making the bed.”

It just reminds me that whether the storm is literal or figurative, we do what we can.  We get up, and we make the bed.  We attend to the small details, even when the larger picture seems like it is falling apart.  Because in the small details, we keep moving forward.


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