Free Advice for Talking to a Lawyer

If you take the time to find an attorney,  chances are that you recognize you need legal help.  If you sitting down in an office, talking to a lawyer, you have probably recognized that you can’t handle whatever the situation is on your own.  If you are spending your hard earned money, and your precious time, seeking out legal advice, then chances are this issue is important to you.

So here’s my free advice

Lawyers want to do a good job in representing their clients.  But they aren’t mind readers, and they can’t do all of the investigative work on every case presented.  Help them out by letting them know what you know.

After twelve years practicing law, I have noticed one thing in common among almost all clients — no matter how big or small the case is:

They don’t tell the attorney all of the information.

Here are some examples:

  • Changes in personal information, like your address or phone number.  Your lawyer needs to know how to contact you.
  • Changes in family, household or marital status.  This may seem like over-sharing, but it may impact the transaction, whether it is a business or personal matter.
  • Circumstances surrounding events.  One event may be the center of your discussions with the lawyer, but other events – past and future – may be out there as well.  If the other side knows about other events, people, ideas, and happenings, chances are you need to pull your lawyer in to the loop.
  • The best way to contact you, and the best time.  If your lawyer always calls while you are at work, let them know that another time might be better.  It will save you both time.

Bottom line

Your lawyer will be much more likely to obtain the result you are looking for if you keep the lawyer in the loop.
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