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What a way to start the first full week of the new year!  I had a list of things I was going to do.  I had plans I was going to implement.  I had meetings set up with people I wanted to see.

And I didn’t do very much of that at all.

I tried “working,” most days.  But to get anywhere at all was taking at least twice — if not three times — as much as usual.  And working from home isn’t that much of an improvement, when you are surrounded by the snowed in, stir crazy bandits.

By now though, I see some beauty in the forced delay.  Read more here.

1.  It forced me to reevaluate the priorities.

Time is a commodity.  Everyone has the same amount.  And when things that normally take only a little bit of time suddenly take a lot of time, you have to figure out what is most important on your list of what needs done.


A few planning tasks were pushed to next week.  But I prioritized the conference call setting up the digital assistant that specializes in working with attorneys.


2. I didn’t have a choice about slowing down.


In today’s world, I think we all have a tendency to rush sometimes.  There are always a few other things to do.  But if you can’t go anywhere – or you just don’t want to – you can slow down and drink the second cup of coffee at the counter instead of in the car.

3. I realized how thankful I was for the little things.

Some of you know we were out of town the week of New Year’s.  We arrived back in Indianapolis less than 12 hours before the snow started to fall.  We hadn’t gone to the store to stock up.  We hadn’t really prepped in any way.  The storm happened.

Yet there we were, eating food from our freezer and our pantry.  It might not be the fresh vegetables and fruits that would be yummy, but we had something reasonably healthy to eat.

I was also incredibly thankful that we didn’t lose power for any extended period of time.  We had heat the whole time.

At a time of year when we are all making revenue goals and focusing on the dollars we want and don’t have yet, it was nice to realize that while I desire to do great things with my business and my other life ventures – I am also doing okay.

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