Bloom where you are planted

On Saturday night I attended a dinner.  While I knew many of the people in the room, this was the first time I had met the other couples seated at our table.
In a not-unusual conversation started, we each talked about what we do.  I mentioned that I had opened the law firm in Brownsburg.  A little later, the conversation drifted to how long we had lived in our respective towns.  And then came the question: Why did you choose Brownsburg?  As in why did you choose to move to Brownsburg over any of the other fine communities in our area?
Ummmm.  I didn’t really.
I fell in love with my husband.  And I moved to my community when I moved in with him.  It made sense at the time.  I lived in an apartment five minutes from the houses I grew up in (not simultaneously. One, then the other.)  Big J had invested in a house in Brownsburg.  Both were about 30 minutes from my employer, so I couldn’t even argue it would be more convenient for him to move to the area I lived in.
And so I moved.  I spent the first year trying to still live my social life in my old neighborhood.  Gradually, I realized it wasn’t working.  So I embarked on a “discover the west side / Brownsburg / greater Hendricks County” project. We joined a church, a new small group, and I found new doctors and dentists on this side of town.
A year and a half after baby#1, I applied to Leadership Hendricks County.  After that, it was over.  I was in love with my new home. A large part of it might even be that here, in Hendricks County, I am known for who I am as an adult — and not for the silly thing I did when I was 9, or my pseudo-goth phase in high school wear I only wore black and I wrote bad tortured poetry.
But in the end, it comes down to this.  I chose to move here for one reason, and it was the right decision.  But the ripple effect, me coming out of the shadow of my family and really being an adult who is my own person, contributing and being recognized for, is a really big deal.
In the end, I bloomed where I was planted.
This extends to many people and their business ideas.  If you envision a life different than the one you have, a life that you want, look at where you are planted.  Do the people around you offer you sunshine and light?  Or does the place you are planted remind you of the time you were a green bud, and want to keep you there — instead of letting you and your business bloom into a full yellow flower?

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