Starting Over For Spring

In January, just about everyone vows to eat healthier and get more exercise in the coming year.  By February, that idea has been thrown to the side as many of us continue to sit for work, and then sit when we come home to relax.

Studies released this year have shown that sitting as much as many office workers do is just as dangerous to our health, if not more so, than smoking.

But you own your business.  Most of your work involves a computer. You eat at least two meals a day at your desk.  What can you do to combat this?

Here’s a few ideas of ways to incorporate healthy habits into an average day.

1. Exercise first thing.  I am personally a huge proponent of morning exercise.  I’ve lost almost 70 pounds total in the last 15 months, but the majority of it did not really come off until I committed to morning exercise, each and every morning.

From a schedule perspective, you are done before most people get going, you don’t have to schedule time to do it when a client might want to meet, and you don’t have to take the time to clean up afterwards in the middle of the day.  You get up, you exercise, you clean up and are ready to go.

2. Find a tall desk.  I have a counter height table as my desk.  I can choose whether I stand and work at my computer or sit and work at my computer. If I am feeling particularly antsy, I can even move some stationary exercise equipment over to my desk area and do light exercise while working.

3. Eat meals, limit snacks.  Remember to eat meals that involve multiple food groups including a healthy dose of protein, rather than eating this and that throughout the day.

4. Take a break at the end of the day.  Don’t be all work and no play.  Take some time at the end of the day to take a walk, get out in to the world and do something different than you have done all day.

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