Birthday Special!

One of my favorite ways to celebrate my birthday is to offer a special to my awesome clients!

Do you need to protect your program name? Logo? Business name? Product name?  You may want to consider filing for trademark protection.

Trademark registration provides you, the business owner, significant protection in the event that someone else borrows or steals your intellectual property.  You have legal remedies to ask them to stop, to remove the item from the internet, and even to sue them for damages.

Many business owners are afraid someone is going to steal their program name.  And honestly, many more have already experienced the gut wrenching frustration that occurs when someone “borrows” their work.

Trademarks provide a strong legal foundation for your intellectual property rights.

Trademarks protect you and your business from others infringing on your ideas. If there is a dispute over the rights to a mark or slogan, a trademark puts you in a stronger legal position.

Protecting your ideas at this level signifies to others that you are serious about your business.

Being protected in this way gives you more confidence. You feel secure and safe, knowing your ideas are protected.

The Big Birthday Special

Our trademark service includes the preparation and filing, including filing fee, of your trademark application.  We also monitor your application through the process and advise you of any additional steps that need to be completed. The only additional costs would be additional filing fees.  We are offering all of this, now through April 11, for only $410.

Ready to go?

$410 — legal fees that can save you thousands  if someone else trademarks yours concept first and you are forced to rebrand, or potentially pay large legal fees.

Do you have you need to protect?  Sign up below.  We will be back in touch within the next 3 business days to secure your information and advise as to the next steps.

This special ends on April 11. No exceptions.  Our trademark service will return to regular pricing at that time.

The finalization of any trademark registration is not guaranteed. This depends on the information you provide, your ability to cooperate with the attorney and the USPTO, and other factors specific to you and your business.

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