A different approach to marketing: Charity

I read a few articles this morning on the benefit of corporate philanthropy.  Everything from employee morale to public image can be benefitted by the simple act of giving time or money to charity.

How do you pick a worthy cause?

Participation in a charitable organization usually means a little more to your employees if the organization is somehow linked to someone who works at the company.  Whether you choose a breast cancer organziation because someone on staff has recently gone through treatment, or a children’s charity because someone has a child with an illness or disability, choosing a charity with a personal connection will encourage staff participation in the cause. Your team will also benefit by coming together for a common purpose.

What other benefits are there?

Participating in charity events exposes you and your staff to people you might not otherwise meet in a low-key, non-threatening atmosphere.  In this environment you can easily form new business relationships that can lead to sales and work down the road.  You may be able to donate either cash or in-kind items.  For example, if you are a printer, you may be able to offer to print all of the flyers for the event in exchange for having a sponsorship logo on the flyers.  If you own event space, you may be able to donate the use of your space in exchange for being noted as an event sponsor.  Think creatively in terms of the ways you can give back and benefit your community.

How can you measure success?

You may not be able to see immediate success as a result of your  efforts. However, over time you will likeley note more name recognition in the community.  Your customers may mention that they say your logo at a community event.  Eventually, the sales will increase.  You might want to do an annual comparison to see what kind of impact this low-key marketing has on your business.

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